Your wifi network is the powerhouse for your backend processes. Your sales terminals, your employee tablets, and your communications devices all rely on it. No matter what industry your business is in, you absolutely need solid and strong network connections to get the bulk of your work done.

Network Connection Improvements with NexLinked

We bring you the latest innovations to ensure that your internet speeds are always top-notch. If you have a massive amount of people who will be relying on your network connections, it’s important that they are kept running smoothly. Lots of traffic can put a lot of pressure on your bandwidth, and your IT service providers have to be ready for anything.

With the right hardware, such as your structured cabling and many other highly powerful tools, we make sure your networks don’t crash. When you have sensitive information in your cloud systems, we help to make sure it’s impenetrable, keeping both you and your customers safe.

If you’re a business, ideally, a lot of transactions will happen on your network on a daily basis. This requires the card terminal to reach out to the bank, get a response, and encrypt it all on the way. In many cases, this is happening on three to six different terminals, all at the same time, and your network has to be ready for that.

With NexLinked, it’s easy. We love to simplify the complexity of technology, and there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Supercharging your wifi is one of our top priorities, and keeping your network connections safe is what we do. When the work you do is important, leave it to the professionals to keep your network up and running.

IT Networking Companies: How Much Do They Do?

It’s all up to you and what you need. Maybe you just need some light maintenance, installation of a few better routers, or a faster guest wifi system. We’ve got you covered. You might also want a complete renovation of your internet systems, with better servers, better cabling, and more computers. This is possible, too – we can do it all.

When it comes to healthcare environments, you might be in need of separate wifi for your team and your patients. The same goes for educational environments, as you probably want more restrictions on the network for the students. Both of these networks will have tons of sensitive information coursing through them, and your IT service provider puts in the work to make sure that data is all safe.

No matter how big or how small, NexLinked is ready for all of it. We tackle a variety of wifi renovation projects, correcting your connectivity issues across a variety of different industries. Reach out to us today if you want to hear more, and together, we can determine if NexLinked is a good fit for you!