Giving Back

The communities we serve are the people who keep us in business. When you have powerful solutions at your fingertips, it’s always a great idea to give back. That’s the reason we enacted a huge project at our local church to install new hardware for their systems. We know that we’re only as strong as the communities we serve, and we wanted to take some time to say “thanks!”.

How Does an IT Company Give Back?

Great question! Allow us to elaborate. Here at NexLinked, we’re committed to giving back to the local environments. We understand that it’s important to foster economic growth on the home front. Involvement from everyone is one of the best ways to improve the local communities.

In our home town of Cincinnati, there are several community projects we’ve been working on. The most notable is that church expansion mentioned above, and we’re thrilled that we were able to orchestrate it. The church had recently purchased land and constructed a brand new building. That’s where they needed a little help, and we helped bring them to the next level.

We donated many hours of our time in the installation process for structured cabling, wifi systems, server racks, door access, and even a complete video surveillance system for the entire building. In doing this, we showed our teams and communities that we remain willing to operate on an impactful basis. It’s a true superpower to enact positive change–that’s why we’re dedicated to giving back.

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NexLinked: On Your Side

Staying involved with our local communities will continue to be important to us. When your core values are based in taking responsibility and working with integrity, it’s not easy to avoid community involvement. We make it our business to stay on your side, and create a worthwhile difference in our neighborhoods and business places.

The solutions that keep our lives running smoothly depend on passionate involvement. We strive to have a team which provides that, and more. From our community outreach projects to the ways we do business, we attempt to keep giving back all we can. If you want to learn more about us, keep exploring our website. We strongly believe that you’ll see our values shine through in everything that we do.