If it’s a busy afternoon, it is not ideal for your systems to be slow. If you have several terminals running at once, they have to be connected to a strong, solid network. Plus, you need efficient communications systems, efficient surveillance systems, and someone that can keep it running. The solution lies in professional IT managed services–and we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to your network infrastructure, you need efficient solutions. Your POS systems depend on it. You want to avoid long lines at checkout, or long wait times for meals. When things run smoothly, and everyone gets their messages on time, your business runs like the well oiled machine it is. Your IT managed services help ensure that this can happen.

Not only does your internal team rely on your wifi, but your guests do, too. You want to make sure that they have clear access to the internet while they’re on the premises. To help do this, we partnered with BeamBox, which supercharges your guest wifi. It also turns it into a way to engage your customers with their unique and personalized approach to public wifi.

IT Managed Service Provider for Fast-Paced Environments

When you’re operating any kind of storefront, there’s usually tons of traffic on your network. This includes both the in-store sales and the online transactions that many locations process. It makes no difference if you sell pizza, clothing, or books. If you’re processing a lot of income, you need a solid infrastructure.

You need schedules for your ever-growing teams, and you need better systems for your expanding businesses. We can revolutionize your clock-in and clock-out systems, your retention methods, and your inventory management processes. Are you making full use of cloud capabilities? Are you automating as many processes as you can? With the help of our experts, you can know for sure.

IT Retail Solutions

If it’s been a while since you updated, new and improved IT could potentially revolutionize the way you process payments. Investing in easy POS solution allows for the highest levels of ease in both training and data management. Is it time to rethink your terminals? Less training time allows employees to get more done sooner, and ease of POS navigation shortens the transaction process for your guests.

There are so many ways for new technology to transform your storefront, and that always goes for your physical presence as well as your digital presence. Corporate IT solutions create new possibilities in the realm of online communications, as well as in-store retention opportunities. There are also plenty of back-end opportunities for improvement. For example, could your store benefit from smoother paycheck management?

IT Restaurant Solutions

Your IT managed service provider should be an expert in managing your needs as a business owner. Every organization is different, so we need personalized solutions. NexLinked takes time to figure out exactly how to serve you the best we can. On busy weekends, you may process hundreds and hundreds of orders. Your staff relies on the smooth flow of communication across a wide variety of devices.

Having the help of a team of professionals is the best way to create tools that are suited especially to the needs of your locations, both on and off location. The people in the kitchen rely on their terminals to make the right meals, and if something crashes, you need immediate attention.

It makes sense to only settle for the best when it comes to IT managed services, and NexLinked has you covered. If you want to know more, contact us now. We’re excited to hear from you.

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